NeoBux Review – Does It Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

NeoBux ReviewWhat Is NeoBux?

If you have tried to make money with PTC (paid to click) sites, you know that NeoBux is the king of the industry.

However, it is always a smart idea to learn more about those sites before start working on them and the best way to do that is by reading other people opinions.

On this review, I will try to answer you all your possible questions about NeoBux. I am an active member the last few months and I share my experience.

The site launched on March 25 of 2008 in a test phase and later on April 30 of the same year made the official opening. It was one of the first PTC sites (but not the first).

Now, many years later NeoBux is a huge website. Thousands of members are registered daily and over $100k are paid to their members every day.NeoBux Stats

Is NeoBux A Scam Or Not?

When a site has millions of members, it is natural to see people that do not like it or they may be unhappy with some features or services. I do not think that any company has 100% satisfied customers.

Neobux has no joining fee, you can earn money even if you have not spent a penny and they always pay you in time. Do you want to see some payment proofs? Click here to visit a relevant tread on NeoBux forum.

Why does NeoBux pay you?

Many people think that a site which pays them to view ads must be a scam. Just think for a moment the service they offer. Companies and online marketers pay them money to show their ads to people who are interested in making money online.

Every ad you click, it has already been paid. It may sound weird that companies pay people to view their ads without intention to buy but it converts. I have bought ads on NeoBux many times to get referrals on other PTC sites. Most of the times, I had good results.

It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How Can You Make Money With NeoBux?

NeoBux is available for every person all over the world if he/she has access to a computer and an internet connection like the most PTC sites. However, you cannot click ads with your tablet or smartphone.

Also, it is recommended as a way to make an extra income. At least, in the beginning, you will not be able to go full time unless you make an investment to get referrals. But before talking about referrals let’s see the basic features of NeoBux to earn money.

1. Click Ads

The basic feature of the site but not the most profitable. If you are a standard member ( I will analyze the membership levels later), you will earn $0.001 and 1 point (NeoBux currency which you can use inside the platform) per ad you click. You need to see it for 5 seconds before you move on the next one. When you will log in, you can usually click 16-20 available ads.

NeoBux Advertisemets

2. AdPrize

For every ad you click, 4 available ads are added on the AdPrize button. You will not earn money per ad with this feature but if you are lucky you can earn rewards.

The rewards are up to $50 and a golden membership. In my opinion, it is worth your time.

3. Games

If you like to play games, you can earn $0.0005 per game session. You will find simple but popular games like backgammon, chess, sudoku and more. In my opinion, the payment is really low. You have better alternatives.

4. Offers

4.1 Coins

You complete surveys, join other sites, play games and more. You earn coins that you can later exchange for money. Every offer has different reward depends on many factors but you know how much you will earn before you start one. You can absolutely make some money here.

4.2 Mini Jobs

The last way to earn money but my favorite. If you want to make consistent money with NeoBux, you need to check the mini jobs.

They are simple and easy tasks that you can complete to make a few cents from each one. It depends on the task how much you will get. However you can do them really fast, it enables you to earn a few dollars per day.NeoBux Mini Jobs

For example, I had earned $4 in 90 minutes by finding the age and the location on Facebook profiles, $2 in 40 minutes by checking if users make aggressive comments in a particular website, and much more opportunities for mini jobs are available daily.

Simple jobs that anyone can do, you can easily earn a few dollars per day.

Introduction To The NeoBux Referrals

Referrals are a big part of the making money strategy of many members on NeoBux. It is not necessary to get referrals but they can increase your income.

Now, you should check your goals. If you want to make 2-3 dollars per day then you do not need to know anything about referrals. Join Neobux and start earning with the available ads and offers.

For those who want to make more than $10 per day, completing offers and doing mini jobs is not enough. For this reason, too many people recommend on blogs, social media, and YouTube free or paid ways to get referrals.

You cannot make over a few dollars per day if you do not generate passive income. That’s exactly what you want to achieve if you have referrals. You earn a commission for any money they make on NeoBux.

There are two types of referrals on NeoBux:

1. Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are the members who have joined NeoBux through your links. When you have direct referrals, you earn $0.005 per ad they click, 20% commission when they complete a coin offer and 12% from mini jobs.

The only requirement to get your commissions is to click the fixed ads (yellow) daily. If you miss a day, you will not get your referrals commissions until you click your ads.

As you can understand, if you have many active referrals, you can earn a lot of money but it is not easy to find them. You need a long-term strategy and some marketing skills (you do not have to be an expert).

I will give you some ideas to get direct referrals in the future posts.

2. Rented Referrals

Less profitable than the direct referrals but still, you can get rented referrals to generate a passive income. Many people say that they do not work but I do not agree with them. Simply too many people follow false strategies or they have not a strategy at all.

Again, it is a long-term strategy but you can get rented referrals faster, they cost $0.20 each one for 30 days. Many people recommend it as a beginner’s way but I do not agree. The investment is low but it is not an easy process.

Both of these ways to get started require an investment of money. Except if you have an established audience to get direct referrals which is unlikely for most of my readers. In any other case, you must invest your money or your time. Full-time income is possible but takes a lot of time and hard work.

Read my NeoBux strategy without investment for rented referrals.

Membership Levels

You really do not have to worry about upgrading from your standard (free) membership until being able to earn daily some dollars from your referrals.

Sure, the standard membership has limitations on the available referrals but you can absolutely make 2-4 dollars per day from them. When you achieve that, wait for a month and upgrade from your earnings.

It is recommended to upgrade when you have an income because the golden membership enables you to make even more money and get more referrals. On the image below, you can see the differences between the membership levels and the earnings per click or action.

NeoBux Membership Levels

Other Features


Every PTC site that I know has an advertising program. Neobux’s ads are not anything special but they convert well in comparison with other similar sites. However, your results depend on the landing page (relevancy, design, your offer etc.).

You can pay per click or per day but the bigger package you choose, the cheaper you will pay per click.


A feature that not many NeoBux members use. It is a browser extension that notifies you when there is an available advertisement or a mini job. If you are serious about making money with NeoBux it is recommended.

NeoBux Support And Community

There are two ways to get help when you have a problem on the platform:

1. Support

On the footer of the website, you can see some green buttons. One of them is the “support”. You will need them if you have a technical problem. For all the other issues or questions, you can get help from other members on the forum.

2. Forum

It is one of the most active forums you will ever see in the industry. You have access by the time you join on NeoBux and you can participate in discussions about strategies, rewards, success stories, stats of other members and much more.

I learned many useful things on the forum from the first days of my membership even if I was not active. Just by watching other people conversations and suggestions.

It would be a nice idea to take a look on the forum regularly and if you feel comfortable, you can introduce yourself and make questions. However, avoid spamming and be nice if you do not want to lose your privileges on the site.NeoBux Forum

My Verdict – Does NeoBux Work?

Today, NeoBux is the king of PTC sites and one of the easiest sites on the web to earn some extra money right now!

Too many people ask me to show them a way to make $1 today as a proof that making money online is possible. Click some ads, make some simple tasks and you will get your proof.

Comparing other PTC sites, it is user-friendly, it has an active community and if you want to get referrals, people always will search about NeoBux on Google or social media.

My point is that NeoBux is a legit website and many people earn money with different ways inside the platform. So, it is on you if you will grab this opportunity and reach your goals. You can earn a few dollars today or you can choose a long-term strategy to earn even more.


NeoBux Review

NeoBux Review

Opportunities to Earn Money




User Experience



  • Beginner Friendly
  • Bigger Prizes and Rewards Than Other Ptc Sites
  • Active Forum
  • Popular and Legit Site


  • Low Referral Limits As A Standard Member

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