How To Earn Money With ClixSense

How To Earn Money With ClixSenseWhen you want to earn money online with PTC sites, Clixsense is one of the first names that you will think.  Even if it is not a PTC site anymore because, after the 2017 update, there are not available ads to click, all the other features are like the most sites in the industry.

If you follow the instructions on this post, it is really possible to earn money with Clixsense, I cannot promise it but what I recommend below works for me and I believe it will work for you if you follow my strategy.

The strategy has two parts, firstly you will see how to earn money without referrals and on the second part we will talk about referrals.

Part 1

How To Earn Money With ClixSense Without Referrals

Most guides you can see on the internet about ClixSense have strategies about rented referrals or clicking ads. Many of these guys have written their articles some years ago and they have not updated them again.

They do not work because you are not able to click ads and rent referrals anymore but you have three other ways to earn from ClixSense:

  1. Surveys
  2. Tasks
  3. Offers

You may know that most PTC sites have tasks and offers to make money and some of them have surveys too. However, you will find the more opportunities on ClixSense and NeoBux and you will get bigger payments and bonuses. This is the main reason why these sites have more members than their competitors.

Let’s see how you can start:


When I created my account, I had 5 available surveys and I got approved at the two of them. The only problem with the surveys is that many times they look for a specific audience and they may reject you.

Anyway, when I joined I earned my first dollar in a few minutes answering some questions.

When you live in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia you will find more available surveys and you will be able to earn even more money. I am not from one of these countries but I still complete a survey every day with a $0.5 reward on average.

If you log in every day and check the available surveys, you can make easily 10-20 dollars per month only from surveys.

ClixSense will ask you to create a survey profile that will help them to find more surveys for you but it is optional. If you decide to complete it be honest with your answers because they may delete your account if they understand that your answers are fake or random.Paid Surveys - ClixSense


Tasks are mini jobs that you can easily complete in a few seconds or minutes and you earn a payment. Usually, you will make a few cents on each one but if you want to earn money with this way, you can make many of them because they do not require a lot of time.

They will ask you really simple and easy tasks, you may find some links, check some comments or photos, find people on sites and other tasks that a bot cannot do.

In my opinion, you can make more money with tasks than surveys and you can make them consistently. Almost always there are a few available jobs without any requirements. You just make them and your earnings are credited to your account.

If you are fast, you can make 2-3 dollars per hour or even more. A member who works 2 hours per day may earn $100-$200 per month.

I do not think that there are many other ways on the internet to make money without any investment or skills from day one.Complete Tasks _ ClixSense


The offers can be anything, you may earn for shopping, join other programs, playing games, complete surveys and more. You choose a third side company on Offers tab and check your options.

I prefer surveys and tasks but you can make some money here too. After looking my referrals stats their income is almost 60% tasks vs 40% offers, the surveys are added on the offers.

That’s the end of part 1, if you are not interested in learning about referrals, you can create your free account on ClixSense right now.

Part 2

How To Get Referrals

Why should you want to get referrals?

If you take a look on ClixSense’s forum, you will see that a big part of the conversation is about referrals. When you have a referral, you earn a 20% of his earnings for life. If you have many active referrals, you have a great source of passive income.

As I mentioned earlier on this post, ClixSense is not a PTC site anymore. A standard feature of many PTC sites are the rented referrals. This option is not available anymore. They say that it is a bad practice because many members are not active.

The truth is that most people lose money with the rented referrals and the strategies you can find online, usually, they do not work but there are a few people who make money with this way. Anyway, in any PTC site is better to have direct referrals than rented.

So, we can get only direct referrals.

There are no easy ways to get referrals and you will need to develop some marketing skills. ClixSense does not recommend a specific way. Instead of that, they say to find places where other people do not promote ClixSense yet.

But I made my research to show you some practical ways you can use to get referrals. I have created two categories on this part, the long-term ideas and the quick ways which can be free or paid.Best Affiliate Programs _ ClixSense

Fast Ways To Get Referrals


1. Invite your friends:

You can talk about ClixSense to your friends and your followers on the social media. There is no reason to be persistent if they want to make some extra money like you, they will make questions to learn more. If they are not excited about ClixSense, do not worry, there are many other ways to get referrals.

2. Traffic Exchange:

On these sites, you earn points which you use later to get visitors to your links. Most of them have both of free and paid memberships. You can start for free. The only problem is that this method is time-consuming because most people will visit your site only to earn points. So, you need a really big number of visitors.

However, you can get referrals if you are patient. You can try EasyHits4U and Hitleap, they are two popular traffic exchange sites. I think the banners and slash pages have more chances to get clicks than sending your traffic directly to your affiliate link but it is not a rule, try different things to see what it works on every site.

I do not recommend the paid memberships of these programs. If you want to invest some money check the paid options below.

3. Forums:

Find some forums that people talk about PTC sites or ways to make money online and join the conversation. You must add value if you want people to click your links. Just put your link in the signature and be active. Create topics, answer questions and help people.

You can use the same strategy to make blog comments but again, spamming will not work.


You can read many guides about fast and paid ways to get referrals on the internet but I warn you, they do not work!

There are many people who try to promote their links. When someone finds a way that really works, he will not share it with us guys. He will keep it secret to get as many referrals as possible.

I will tell you two ways that some affiliate marketers use to promote their links but I cannot send you in a specific site to put a specific ad.  If you want to find opportunities to get many referrals for a few dollars, you need to be creative and ahead of your competition.

Below you can see two ways that people use to promote ClixSense:

1. Ads on other PTC sites:

If you have joined any PTC site before, I am sure you have seen many ClixSense ads. It makes sense, members of sites like NeoBux is likely to join a similar site. The problem is that these places have too many people who promote the same product as you are.

So, NeoBux ads have not worked well for me but many people still give money to put their ads. I can not give any advice here. Test it and check your results. If you like what you see, create more ads. It is fine to test different sites and see which of them give you the best results.

2. Banner Advertising

I have made many tests to promote my referral link and banners had the best results. But they are not profitable in every site that accepts banners. Again, you should test many places and compare your results.

A better approach could be to create some custom banners or you can hire someone for a few dollars to create some for you. You get better results when they are unique.

Long-Term Ideas

On this part of this article, I will share the three most profitable ways to promote any affiliate or referral link. But as you can understand they take time to give results.

1. Create a blog

You can start a blog for free or you can make some investment, it is your choice. If you invest some money, you will get results faster. The idea is that you will write on topics relevant to PTC sites or ways to make money.

Your goal is to get targeted traffic from search engines, it takes some months to get ranked on the first page of Google in relevant keywords but it is worth it. A good training program to learn how to build successful blogs and sites is Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Start a YouTube channel

If you feel comfortable to be in front of a camera, you can create some guides about ClixSense and other sites or you can simply choose a broad topic that includes PTC sites like making money online, extra income opportunities, online jobs etc.

You will need a good camera and a good microphone to get started but you will not need any other investment later.

3. Social Media Marketing

You can create a Facebook fan page, a Twitter or Instagram profile, a Reddit account or use any other social media platform you want. Your goal is to build a following. Just like the forum marketing before, you need to add value and engage with people. You will not get referrals just by sharing your links.

How To Withdraw Money From ClixSense

ClixSense has a limit of $10 dollars. You can cash out by check or you can use online payment programs (Payza, Tango Card, Payoneer). It takes a few days to approve your withdraw. You can check the rules and the fees inside the platform.

My Last Thoughts

ClixSense is a place where many people make some extra money and a few of them a full-time income. If you are interested in earning money, you have two ways:

  • Complete tasks, surveys, and offers
  • Earn from your referrals

To be honest most success stories on the forum are from people who do tasks and offers consistently. I have heard stories from people to earn until $500 per month without a single referral.

However, referrals can generate a passive income for you which is important if you want to make a full income in the future.

Also, there is no reason to go only with one way.  My strategy is to earn money from tasks and surveys but I invest them later to get referrals.

Now, if you want to earn money, take action!

Join ClixSense here


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